Our Dogs

These are our family members. We are blessed to have them in our lives and for them to help us improve the French Bulldog Breed. 

This is Charlotte. She was our first female and gave us 3 beautiful litters. She is Jyn's Mother and will forever be in our hearts. 

This is Jyn. She is Charlotte's daughter and is 2 1/2  years old. She just had her second litter of beautiful pups. She is a compact, fantastically built Frenchie.

This is Verdant's NW Legend "Boss", a male that Sired Charlotte's litters. His DNA is Dd Bb ay/at, kyky, N/S. He is truly handsome and a picture of French Bulldog standard. He is owned by Jeanette Legroes. 

Her website: www.northwestcanecorsos.com 

This is Welsh Jump For Joy "Belmont".  He is a stunning European Import Owned by Jeanette Legroes. He is a work of art and a fantastic representation of French Bulldog Confirmation. He carries bb, dd, ee, atat, kyky. He is the Sire of Jyn's litters.             His puppies are truly outstanding. 

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